The Foundation supports scientific research by organising fundraising events with a focus on music.

These events are an opportunity for the Foundation to celebrate the advances in cancer research achieved thanks to our donors’ support, while sharing with them the joy of outstanding music.

Research projects supported by the 2015 Gala

The Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) project is to advance the care of children from the pediatric ward serving adults.

The Pediatric palliative care group project ensures appropriate support for palliative care of children.

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Research supported by the 2013 Gala

Project led by Dr Marc Ansari, Dr Patricia Huezo-Diaz, Dr Rao C. Uppugunduri and Prof. Maja Krajinovic, Geneva University Hospitals, which aims to explain the differing responses of paediatric patients to the conditioning treatments necessary prior to a bone marrow transplantation.

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Research project supported by the 2011 Gala

Funds raised in 2011 were allocated to the development of a research platform within the Paediatric Onco-Haematology Unit, Geneva University Hospitals.

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